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TISD was founded in 1951 in Istanbul, and consist of companies that are all established in Turkey. Currently, TISD has 30 members.

To help Turkish drug manufacturing industry to improve and progress.
To make professional, technical, and commercial correlations and collaborations (when necessary) among its members, prevent unfair competition, fix conflicts.
To supply any kind of matters and materials that are dedicated to and needed to be imported on behalf of members of the association, distribute them fairly, and in this regards, represent its members at official departments to contact and conclude issues, prepare necessary printed documents.
To run the tasks that including drug and drug raw material with its collateral material, manufacturing and improvement of materials, helping to have a license and authorization.
To accommodate drug prices to have a system that provides industry to improve, adapts to country’s economy, works spontaneously, and is permanent and fair.
To do all the necessary works at any level for pricing issue
To participate to decisions
To be beneficial to its members
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