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The place where drug industry in Turkish Economy stands
Approximately, there are 300 firms that actively serve in Turkish drug sector. 53 of those have manufacturing facilities. 14 firms out of 42 with foreign capita are doing their production at their own facilities. Currently, Turkish Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TISD) has 29 members.

There are very few drug industry which works compatibly with WHO`s rules (GMP) in the world. Turkish drug industry has been reached to the technology level to produce any kind of product except the products that require special production technology (e.g. biotechnology, etc.). As it is the case in other European countries, there are international norms and standards being applied in our country. Setting the technology and quality standards up to the European level is a necessity and mandatory pre-requirement which has been submitted.
The place where drug industry in Turkish Economy stands
Turkish Prescription drug market
Consumption of drug per person in 2006 ($)
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